WWE has hired more writers for NXT as they hope to beat AEW Dynamite into the ratings

As was noted a couple of weeks ago by The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, WWE management’s solution to NXT losing into the ratings to AEW has been to hire more writers.

PWInsider reported this week that they have hired 2-3 more writers for the NXT brand. This will give more fuel to the critics of NXT who say that the show needs less writers so wrestlers can give more organic-sounding promos.

On AEW Dynamite, wrestlers are basically given bullet points and, for the most part, they are able to speak into the way they would normally speak. AEW has resisted hiring writers and fans say that has made the show stand out from WWE’s weekly shows.

NXT has lost into the key demo to AEW on most weeks. It will be interesting to see what adding new writers will do for the product.