Virginia lawmaker faces censure by colleagues for activities related to ‘Stop the Steal’ rally

State Sen. Amanda Chase faces a censure filed by her Democratic colleagues Wednesday in the Virginia General Assembly on charges that she instigated an “insurrection against the United States” due to her participation in the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C.

While expulsion is an option, it requires a vote of two-thirds of the chamber, which Democrats control by just a two-seat margin. A censure, however, requires only a simple majority.

Chase, a Republican candidate for this year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, admitted that she attended the rally in a video on her Facebook page, which was later suspended, and delivered remarks to Trump supporters. But at the urging of her security detail, she left the event before the march to the Capitol.

“I support peaceful protest, but I’m telling you, when you back the people of Virginia and the United States into a corner, you will have a revolution. And I believe that’s what you’re starting to see,” Chase said in the 16-minute video.

“When you give them no other options, when you cheat them of their elections, when you take away their constitutional rights and freedoms, you’re backing patriots like myself into a corner,” Chase said. And she added, “We would like to have a peaceful [resolution] to the events of today, but as you can see, there are already many patriots that have — we’ve had enough.”

President Trump lost the 2020 White House race to President-elect Joe Biden, 306-232 in the Electoral College, and by more than 7 million votes nationally. More than 60 lawsuits by the Trump campaign and its supporters have failed to show any substantive voting irregularities of other problems.

Chase, meanwhile, isn’t exactly an establishment Republican. She was booted from the Chesterfield County Republican Committee in September 2019 and following her November reelection that cycle, and she then separated from the Senate Republican Caucus due to irreconcilable differences with its leadership.

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