Video shows elderly ‘dead’ man moving in freezer after being kept there overnight

Police on Tuesday rescued an elderly Indian man from a freezer box after his family, who presumed him dead, left him in there overnight.

Balasubramaniya Kumar, 74, was living with his 70-year-old brother Saravanan in Salem, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kumar had been bedridden for the last two months, the New India Express reports. Saravanan assumed his brother was dead, and on Monday, he rented a freezer box to preserve his brother’s body for last rites. 

Staff from the freezer box company delivered the freezer on Monday and said they would collect it the next day. But when Kumar’s relatives reached Saravanan’s house on Tuesday afternoon, they were shocked to find Kumar moving inside the box. 

Saravanan reportedly told his relatives that the movement inside the freezer was evidence of Kumar’s soul trying to leave his body. Nevertheless, his relatives called the police, who rescued Kumar from his frozen entrapment on Tuesday. 

As of Tuesday, Kumar was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Salem. Police believe Saravanan has a mental health condition, the New Indian Express reports. They are investigating the situation but have not made any arrests.

H/T New India Express

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*First Published: Oct 16, 2020, 10:29 am

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