Two protesters arrested after chalking ‘black preborn lives matter’ outside Planned Parenthood clinic

Two anti-abortion activists were arrested Saturday morning after writing “black preborn lives matter” outside of a Planned Parenthood building.

Writing the phrase In chalk on the sidewalk outside of a Planned Parenthood site In Washington, D.C., was part of an event held by Students for Life of America and the Frederick Douglass Foundation, according to the Daily Caller.

“I’m gonna tell you now that if you continue chalking, you will be placed under arrest for defacing property,” a police officer could be heard saying to two of the protesters at one point.

“Every Saturday, people are here chalking, and you are taking somebody, young people, and arresting them because they are simply putting ‘Black preborn lives matter?’ You’ve gotta be joking,” one man said to the police.

Protesters could also be heard chanting, “Black preborn lives matter.”

Michele Hendrickson, eastern regional director of Students for Life, said, “We are moving on with our event today. That is the not going to stop us. If anything, this just added some fuel to our fire.”