Two postal workers federally charged after authorities find undelivered mail in the trash

Two Pennsylvania postal workers are facing federal charges after bags of undelivered mail were found in the trash.

“During this election season, the integrity of the mails is more important than ever,” U.S. Attorney Scott W. Brady said in a statement. “When any public employee, including a mail carrier, violates the law, we will respond quickly. These carriers each attempted to destroy mail, including both political advertisements and an application for a mail-in ballot. Anyone who would obstruct or delay United States mail that includes election-related materials should know that the Department of Justice will take quick, efficient action against them.”

Sean Troesch, 48, and James McLenigan, 29, were separately charged with delay or destruction of mail by a postal employee. Mail-in ballots were not found among the piles of trashed mail; however, requests for ballots were found.

Troesch was seen taking bags of mail from his truck and putting them in trash bags before leaving them outside of his home for garbage collection. Federal authorities recovered nine trash bags from his home this week, and Troesch later admitted all of the bags contained undelivered mail.

McLenigan, meanwhile, was reportedly seen on security camera footage dumping mail in a dumpster outside of a mental health facility for the gay and transgender community. An employee of the facility retrieved the mail and alerted the authorities.

Both incidents occurred near or in Pittsburgh.

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