Tucker Carlson: Trump Confronted for ‘Performative Disavowals’ at Town Hall

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted both town halls with Joe Biden and Donald Trump, slamming Savannah Guthrie for confronting the president to make “performative disavowals” of white supremacy and QAnon.

Carlson started with ABC’s town hall with Biden and went off on George Stephanopoulos for not asking about the reporting on his son Hunter. He said he’s received nonpublic information that proves conclusively this was indeed hunter Biden’s laptop, period” and called the town hall “a cover-up in real time.”

“No matter what happens in the election next month, the American media will never be the same after this. It cannot continue this way. It is too dishonest,” Carlson said.

He mocked answers Biden gave on transgender rights and what the former VP said about how cops should “shoot ’em in the leg” in stead of shooting to kill.

Carlson called out ABC for one of the questioners being a former Obama White House speechwriter and said, “Biden was allowed to answer known questions like this because he was surrounded by sycophants and former employees of his party. Over at NBC, by contrast, the sitting president did not have that luxury, to put it mildly.”

He moved on to Savannah Guthrie grilling the president, saying that in lieu of a debate, she “played stand-in for Joe Biden.”

Carlson particularly mocked Guthrie confronting Trump to condemn white supremacy and on the QAnon conspiracy theorists, saying it was just about “performative disavowal”:

“Back on ABC, Joe Biden skated by without answering any questions of substance, about his son or Antifa or BLM. The moderator over at NBC pushed Donald Trump to condemn QAnon and white supremacy, the most important issues in this nation, and he did it dutifully. But it wasn’t enough. The point of performative disavowals isn’t to get the disavowal, it’s to smear the person you’re asking to disavow the group by association with the group, and that’s exactly what happened last night.”

After showing the white supremacy exchange, Carlson mockingly asked, “Why doesn’t anyone ever define white supremacy? What is white supremacy? It’s America’s biggest problem, the FBI has said — that’s the biggest problem we face. Not China, not the economy, it’s white supremacy? But what it is it exactly? White supremacy is not voting for Joe Biden, that’s the functional definition.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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