Trump Suggests China Will Pay for Coronavirus Stimulus

President Donald Trump seemed to say that China will inevitably pay up for America’s coronavirus relief package if fiscal negotiations with Congress ever see a breakthrough.

In his Wednesday interview with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, Trump claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has “a lot of mental problems” while blaming her for how relief negotiations have stalled. This ignores the fact that Trump announced that he was terminating further stimulus conversations until the 2020 election is over.

Varney asked whether Trump would raise his $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal. The president answered, “I would because this was not caused by our workers and our people, this was caused by China.” After that, Trump added this:

China will pay us back in one form or another, and the money is coming back anyway.

Shortly afterwards, Varney asked “do you expect to get a stimulus package of any kind before the election?”

“I think there is a chance,” Trump responded, and after wailing on Pelosi and the Democrats some more, he then said “I would like to see more money because it comes back.”

It’s gonna come back anyway, and we’re gonna take it from China. I’ll tell you now. It’s coming out of China. They’re the ones that caused this problem.

Trump rose to the presidency by claiming he would build a southern border wall that Mexico would pay for, yet he never produced a check from their government for those construction costs.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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