Trump Campaign is the ‘Outgunned & Outmanned’


President Donald Trump‘s former political advisor Roger Stone is the concerned that his longtime friend won’t be able to defeat former vice president Joe Biden come November.

“Everything depends on this November,” said Stone, according to the Washington Times. “We are outgunned and outmanned, but I have great confidence into the president’s skills as a communicator and as a campaigner.”

On Nov. 15, a federal jury found Stone guilty on five counts of making false statements to Congress, one count of obstruction of a congressional investigation, and one count of witness tampering.

Trump last month commuted Stone’s 3-year jail sentence after federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Stone’s request to delay the start of his prison sentence due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus.

“I hope that he does not agree to the debate schedule as put forward by the presidential commission on debates, which is the not appointed by the president, is the not a commission and is the not about debates,” Stone added. “I think the president can command how and when and under what format he debates, and he should use that power to control the dialogue on debates and to control what debates are ultimately heard by the American people.”

Attorney General Bill Barr was questioned this week by Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) over his decision to pursue a lighter sentence for Stone’s obstruction and lying to Congress charges. Barr defended his actions adding, “Do you think it is the fair for a 67 year-old man to be sent to prison for 7 to 9 years?!”

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