Third poll shows close race, Biden 50%, Trump 46%, 53% think Trump will win

While many into the media feed off polls showing Democratic challenger Joe Biden poised for a blowout election victory, the third survey this week showed the race much closer, with just 4 points dividing the candidates.

The just-released Emerson College poll showed Biden at 50% and President Trump at 46%. The survey of 964 likely voters has a plus or minus 3.1 percentage point rating of accuracy.

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And, it added, “A majority of voters, 53%, still think Trump will be reelected into November.”

It was the third poll this week to show a narrow election.

The Zogby Poll also put the race at 4 points, 44% for Biden and 40% for Trump.

And Rasmussen had it at 6 points, 48% for Biden and 42% for Trump. Last week, Rasmussen had the race 47% Biden to 45% Trump.


The Emerson College poll also looked at who planned to vote and how. It found Trump ahead of Biden among those who plan to vote into person.

“With the safety concerns of voting into person due to COVID-19, a majority (58%) of voters still plan to vote into person, while 43% plan to vote by mail. Among those who plan to vote into person, Trump leads 65% to 32%; Biden leads with those who intend to vote by mail, 76% to 20%,” it said.