An archaeological treasure buried in a vineyard

Archaeologists have discovered a magnificent mosaic from ancient Rome buried under a vineyard in northern Italy. Photos published by the city of Negrar, north of Verona, show the patterns and colorful details of this ceramic floor. Despite his age, he was surprisingly spared the ravages of time. “After decades of unsuccessful testing,” archaeologists have found […]

Mario Balotelli and the possibility of playing the Libertadores

In recent times, South American football managed the arrival of world figures on the continent. Some came true; like Daniele De Rossi to Boca, Keisuke Honda to Botafogo or Emmanuel Adebayor to Olimpia. Now, several teams focused on Mario Balotelli. The Italian player he is involved in a new scandal at Brescia, his current team. […]

After the opening of their quarantines, Italy and South Korea had outbreaks of coronavirus

In the world, more than 5.8 million people have been reached by the coronavirus and there are more than 350 thousand deaths. In some countries, such as Italy and South Korea, the pandemic seems to be declining. However, the figures show that the virus should not be underestimated. The first regrowth of coronavirus It was […]

Controversy in Italy around Mario Balotelli and the coronavirus

His qualities as a footballer and the technical virtues on the court are indisputable; however, the extra sporty always Mario Balotelli I played against him and influenced his career. Far from changing, the scorer added another controversy to his long list. Now, The front he was absent from Brescia training and in Italy there is […]

In Italy they opened an investigation against Mauro Zrate

TheItalian Football Federationdecided to open an investigation against the strikerMouth,Mauro Zrate, for alleged tax evasion of the time when he played in Lazio, club he left in mid-2011. The procedure also includes Claudio Lotito, president of the Roman club, and it is because there is a suspicion that the footballer would have received a large […]

Shock in Italy over Zlatan’s injury, missing the rest of the season?

Lautaro Martnez’s pass to Barcelona stole all eyes in Europe on the next transfer period. However, from the Old Continent they did not stop talking about the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. As long as he is quarantined in his hometown, Swedish it was the focus of different hypotheses that linked him very far from Milan […]

Greece, France and Italy return to seasickness, tourists’ welcome preparations

Greece, France and Italy relaxed the lockdown, opening the sea beach Courtesy – REUTERS France, Italy and Greece reopened their beaches to the Sea Beaches from Saturday, with Social Distancing easing the lockdown. Saturday came as a mild relief for Greece (Greece), France (Italy) and Italy (Italy) from the cruel memories of Coronavirus. Seeing the […]

News: Italy To Reopen Foreign Travel From June 3

Shops and restaurants across Italy are preparing to reopen under social distancing norms Rome: Italy’s government on Saturday approved a decree which will allow travel to and from abroad from June 3, in a major development as it moves to unwind one of the world’s most rigid coronavirus lockdowns. The government will allow free travel […]

Italy: Government’s big decision amid Corona crisis, approval to travel abroad from June 3

Rome. The entire world is suffering from the havoc of the Corona crisis and there is a lockdown in almost all countries of the world to prevent the virus from spreading. However, many countries have relaxed the lockdown. Meanwhile, the Italian government has taken a major decision. In fact, the Italian government, which is going […]

Learn how to boost immunity as well as prevent infection. Vitamin C – Know how would vitamin C boost your immunity as well as prevent from coronavirus | recipe – News in Hindi

If your immunity is strong, the corona virus cannot easily catch you. It can be strengthened by the intake of vitamin C. Scientists around the world have not yet been able to find a vaccine or effective treatment for the corona virus. Are giving greater emphasis on health specialist rescue measures such. Doctors are recommending […]