Swimmer bitten by a shark in Perth's Swan River

Swimmer is taken to hospital after being bitten by a shark in Perth

A man has been seriously injured after being bitten on the leg by a suspected bull shark while swimming in Perth’s Swan River.

The man was attacked at 8am on Thursday at Blackwall Reach, a popular swimming area in Bicton, south of Perth, known for its limestone cliffs. 

A paddle boarder and kayakers reportedly heard the man’s screams and saw blood in the water, prompting them to fend off the predator with their paddles. 

After he was bitten, the man was taken to the shore of a beach across from Blackwall Reach and received CPR.   

He was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital via St John Ambulance with injuries to his leg.

The severity of the man’s injuries is not known yet but he was taken to hospital under ‘priority one’ conditions, which is the fastest ambulance transport possible.

He was rushed into an operating theatre at 9:30am but doctors do not believe his injuries are life-threatening. 

The man is now in a critical but stable condition in hospital.    

Western Australia’s fisheries department believes a bull shark two to three metres in size was responsible for the attack.   

A water police vessel is on the scene and people have been cleared from the water.

A 13-year-old boy died after he was bitten on the thigh by a bull shark while swimming in the Swan River near Mosman Park in 1923. 

This is the only recorded fatal bull shark attack in Perth’s Swan River.