Summer or Winter: Which Season is Best for Hair Transplant?

Which is the best season for a hair transplant is a hot topic of discussion for many. Is it summer or winter? This is one of the most common questions Dr Amoha Bhatia, Hair Transplant Surgeon at Enhance Clinics in Delhi, come across from his patients. Both the seasons have their own pros and cons, he said. Also Read – These celebs took care of their receding hairline with hair transplant

Why season matters in hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where hair along with their roots are taken from the back of the head or other body parts. These roots are then implanted in the bald area one by one. There is hardly any recovery time and one can go to work the next day. But many people want to hide the signs of the hair transplant and wonder which season is the best to get this procedure done. Also, many people are of the opinion that results are better in one season than the other. Also Read – Considering hair transplant surgery? Beware of the possible complications

Best time for hair transplant

It is commonly believed that winter is the best time for hair transplant as the results are best. But contrary to this belief, new studies and research has shown that summers help to facilitate regeneration of skin and implanted hair after hair transplant grows better. Also, summer vacations make it easy for one to take time off for the surgical procedure. Concealing the marks of hair transplants is easy with a ball cap and shorter hairstyle which are popular in summers. Also Read – Hair loss in men: This oil could be the solution to your problem

However, one should be careful and stay away from direct sunlight and avoid swimming for at least three weeks after the procedure. Direct sunlight hinders the healing process and can cause damage to implanted hairs. Though swimming in sea water after 10 days helps in healing the post procedure wounds and decreases redness and pain post procedure. In this age of advanced technology, it is very easy to avoid direct sunlight.

In winters, there is a benefit of less exposure to summer sun and direct sunlight. Also, there is hardly any sweating. Added to that one can wear any woollen head gear after 5-6 days of the procedure. But the short hair style is not very popular in winters and many people are not able to take out time for the procedure as it is a busy work and wedding season. So, in my opinion there is no best season for hair transplant, one can go for it anytime of the year.

One has to be just mentally prepared for it  

Whenever one is ready for it mentally and whenever one is able to spare out some time for it is the best period for hair transplant. With air-conditioning and many other facilities one can modify the cons of both the seasons. Mental preparedness and some free time from work and other life stressors is the main concern and very important for a hair transplant. Also, in my experience I have not seen any difference in the results of winter and summer hair transplant. Results depend more on the skill and the experience of the hair transplant surgeon than the season. A good qualified and experienced surgeon can give you an awesome result at any time of the year. So, all the best for planning and preparing for a good hair transplant procedure.

Published : April 9, 2021 12:27 pm

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