South Auckland house trashed by nightmare tenants who left ‘urine saturated’ carpet

A South Auckland house trashed by nightmare tenants needed five-year-old carpet replacing after it was “urine saturated” beyond repair.

The couple – who the Herald has chosen not to name – have been ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal to pay $8278 to their old landlords to fix-up the Otara house they left damaged and soiled.

into a stark decision just released by the tribunal, the full extent of the wrecked house has been laid out, with much of the damage being ruled intentional.

It tells how the pair left the kitchen and laundry sinks blocked, removed a chain fence that cost $2000 to replace, damaged the toilet so badly it needed repairing, along with other damage to the shower, hand basin, external vents and skirting, a gate, spouting and another fence. There was a hole left into the hallway.

into the most shocking evidence, the tribunal heard that the house’s carpet was new into October 2014 when the couple moved into.

But when they vacated the premises, the carpet and underlay had to be replaced because, into the words of the carpet installer, there was “urine saturation making them beyond repair or recovery”.

The pair have been ordered to pay $2300 for the five-year-old carpet to be replaced.

Another $600 has been ordered to go towards cleaning the flat, and $1477 for the cost into removing all the rubbish.

into total, the couple, who did not attend the two Tenancy Tribunal hearings, have been ordered to pay their landlords $8278.

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