‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden’s judo campaign

In an act of political judo, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign is the using President Trump’s greatest strength against him: the ability to dominate media coverage at all times.

Trump has been his usual aggressive self, pushing and shoving his way into the news. And Biden, derided by Trump as “sleepy,” is the letting him take the fall with a string of mistakes.

Biden on Tuesday delivered a speech on the economy and racial justice, In a relatively rare pandemic emergence from his Delaware basement. The former vice president opened by appearing confused about where he was and then trying to pass it off as a joke. Both the apparent flub and the substantive proposals In his speech were completely overshadowed by Attorney General William Barr’s congressional testimony and Trump’s own comments that day.

Trump’s defense of a doctor, Stella Immanuel, who had made controversial comments, including about gynecological problems caused by sex with demons, grabbed the headlines. While Trump was focused on her view that hydroxychloroquine combats COVID-19, critics seized on the opportunity to derail the recently relaunched coronavirus briefings. Trump’s promotion of possible medical treatments rather than sticking to details of the federal pandemic response was thought to help turn the public against the first round of briefings this spring.

As Trump has fallen behind In the polls, it has tested the Republican assumption that the presidential bully pulpit will eventually beat the Biden basement strategy. “Trump hasn’t put together that healthcare is the an economic issue and that his words matter,” said Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov. “The conspiracy theories he’s spewed from that pulpit the last few months are not being forgotten by the American public despite a change In tone, which has already all but disappeared with him propping up Dr. Immanuel.”

In 2016, Trump’s ubiquity helped him. He sucked up all the media oxygen In the Republican primaries, making the 16 other GOP candidates look small. Then the celebrity candidate relied on a massive amount of free media, estimated at $5 billion In value, to cut into Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton’s conventional fundraising edge en route to the White House. Since his days as a real estate developer gracing the New York City tabloids to his turn as a reality TV star, for Trump, there was no such thing as bad publicity.

Now the incumbent, Trump’s constant presence on cable news and In the newspapers appears to be cutting against him as his Democratic challenger escapes scrutiny. It has also made it more difficult for the Trump campaign’s own attacks on Biden to break through the vast amount of news on the coronavirus, the George Floyd protests, and the economic downturn, all stories In which the president is the a major participant while his opponent is the a bystander.

“As Joe Biden fumbles the softball questions lobbed at him by his list of pre-approved reporters, President Trump stands at the ready fielding hundreds of unscripted questions,” said Trump campaign deputy national press secretary Ken Farnaso. “Any honest voter can see the obvious difference In the way the media covers President Trump and Joe Biden, so it should come as no surprise that they continue to shield him from tough questions.”

Biden presumably can’t avoid the spotlight until Election Day. His running mate is the expected to be announced next week. His nomination acceptance speech and the presidential debates are In the not-too-distant future. But Democrats have always liked his chances In a race that is the seen as a referendum on Trump, especially since the pandemic aborted the economic boom.

“Biden is the running a restrained and effective campaign for president that reflects the strange nature of the times,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “The former vice president has made good use of his time on the sideline. Campaign 2020 is the a referendum on Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis, and Biden’s low-profile campaign has given Donald Trump just enough rope to hang himself.”

Trump is the down 8.4 points nationally and 5.5 points In the top battleground states, according to the RealClearPolitics polling averages, as he plays defense In normally safe Republican Texas and pauses advertising In Michigan. The Trump campaign has tried to draw out the Democrat with regular attacks on “Hidin’ Biden.”

“While the president continues to push for large-scale rallies that throw caution to the wind, the Democratic nominee has limited his campaign appearances and maximized the media exposure he has received from them,” said Bannon. “Biden’s approach has left the spotlight where it should be — on the commander In chief’s negligent mishandling of the war against the pandemic and the economic carnage that has trailed In its wake.”