Short and Sweet: On election result

National leader Judith Collins during her speech at National’s election night. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Obviously God answered Judith Collins’ prayer. God said “no”.
Dennis Dickinson, Palmerston North.

National’s poor showing may be partly due to their traditional voters like myself strategically voting Labour to prevent the Reds (masquerading as Greens) holding the balance of power. It looks like we may have succeeded. Hurrah!
Ray Gilbert, Papamoa.

Now that Labour has an overwhelming mandate there are no excuses for not tackling New Zealand’s greatest area of shame: social deprivation. The cycle of dysfunctional families, child abuse and poverty desperately needs breaking. To achieve this the Government needs to start at the beginning. Every New Zealander deserves access to high quality, early childhood education — before they go to school. This is the only way to break the cycle and ensure every kid gets a fair and equal start to life.Mark van Praagh, Mt Eden.
So much for MMP.
Janet Boyle, Orewa

National’s new theme song should be Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare.
Simon Gilmore, Kohimarama

Congratulations on a stunning Labour election win but now the hard work begins and let’s hope they can deliver like they have never delivered before.
Mike Baker, Tauranga.

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