Sensitive material of British athletes posted online in cyber attack


A group of female British athletes has been targeted as part of a cyber attack that led to their intimate photographs and videos being posted online.

The intimate material of four british athletes was stolen from their phones, one athlete had almost 100 private images taken in the iCloud leak.

The group is considering how to have the content removed from the dark web.

The attack has affected hundreds of female sports stars and celebrities.

The agent of one victim said it is difficult what to do next and the people responsible are sick.

They said It can take years to pursue the matter and to get the content taken down from the internet.

Accessing and then leaking people’s personal data is reprehensible, and they would urge everyone to take steps to secure their online accounts, a spokesman for the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said.

The NCSC recommends people use two-factor authentication where available.

The owners of iCloud, Apple, have yet to comment on the leak.

The news follows confirmation from Manchester United that they had been targeted in a cyber attack described as ‘a sophisticated operation’.

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