Sean Hannity: GOP Senators Shouldn’t Join Impeachment Circus

Fox News’ Sean Hannity warned Republican senators on Wednesday night that they shouldn’t take part in the impeachment “circus” when it moves to the Senate for the trial.

“Any Republican senator, let me be clear, that dares waste one second on this charade, after the president is gone from office, they need to be out of office,” he said.

Hannity told his viewers that all Republicans should stand against the “post-presidency impeachment madness” and mentioned Mitch McConnell by name as he said, “Not one of your Republican senators should partake in any of this. You shouldn’t be a part of this circus of the Democrats.”

“Every Republican senator needs to let the raging Democrats talk to themselves, and to tell them to stop wasting the country’s time,” he added.

Hannity continued minutes later, after saying Liz Cheney should no longer be in House GOP leadership for her vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

He went back to calling out Republican senators and again specifically mentioned McConnell:

“Senate Republicans, you want to go along with this nonsense, 75 million Americans went to the polls. I’d argue they went there more for Donald Trump than for Republicans. They should think about why people voted for Donald Trump, why they support his agenda. And Mitch McConnell, you should know better. Even considering this nonsense in the Senate will get this country nowhere. It will not heal divisions, it will not improve the lives of Americans, it will only further divide a country that is just weeks out of one of the hotly contested races in history. And as I said last night, it’s important for Americans to step back and take a collective breath.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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