Richarlison reveals '10,000 messages in FIVE minutes' after Neymar accidentally revealed his number

‘10,000 messages in FIVE MINUTES!’: Richarlison reveals barrage of WhatsApp messages after Neymar accidentally revealed Everton star’s number while on gaming live stream

  • Neymar was broadcasting live as he spent time unwinding with video games
  • He received a call from Brazil team-mate Richarlison and showed off the number
  • The decision to show Everton striker’s number saw him sent 10,000 messages 
  • Richarlison said he would ‘block’ anyone who contacted but people did anyway 

Richarlison was left with the prospect of having to change his phone number after receiving ‘10,000 messages in five minutes’ because Neymar accidentally shared it on a live stream.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar was unwinding playing video games when he had an incoming call from his international team-mate.

The Brazilian, without thinking, turned his phone around to show the camera and Richarlison’s number was clearly on show to viewers of the live stream. 

More to follow. 


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