PUBG: Patch Update 11.1 released on April 8 at 9:30 IST- Check details.

PUBG: Patch update released on April 8 at 9:30 IST- Check details.

PUBG: Patch update 11.1 released on April 8 at 9:30 IST- Check details. Patch updates are officially live on the servers & the game is now overrun by major changes. With all the changes that are coming to PUBG PC it is clear that the developers are determined to expand the world of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground while sustaining quality gameplay as well.

Although there’s no question about the necessity of the adjustments, few issues went unaddressed with the update. Like a loot buff in Miramar is not happening this time either. Furthermore, there’s no information about season 11 Survivor Pass. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the updates that are actually live in Season 11.

Paramo: Patch Note 11.1

Firstly, Paramo is making its re-entry to the battle grounds. Players can now experience all match types (Solo, Duo, Squad) in Paramo & play in both TPP & FPP mode. Terrain issues are getting a fix along with an increased spawn rate of secret rooms & supply helicopters. The map is also available for custom games now.

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Weapon Balance Updates

Significant weapon adjustments will take place with the update. Overpowered guns such as Beryl & SLR are receiving a nerf, whereas underperforming guns like Mini-13, VSS, and SCAR-L are will go through buffs.

· Mini-14

·         Increased damage by +1. (46 → 47)


·         Increased damage by +2. (41 → 43

·         Increased damage by +1. (41 → 42)

·         Increased horizontal recoil by 15%.

·         Decreased recoil recovery rate from 2.1 → 1.9

· Beryl

·         Increased horizontal recoil magnitude by 5%

·         Increased horizontal recoil speed from 10 → 11

·         Increased vertical recoil speed by +1.5 (15 → 16.5)

Season 11 Ranked Reward Changes

  • Ranked Rewards Table Changes
    • Ranked Parachute skins are provided from Gold and above.
    • Vehicle skins are no longer provided in Ranked.
    • Animated emblems are provided for Platinum and above.
    • Master and Top 500 receive a Nameplate and Emblem.
    • Emblems and Nameplates are “Honor Rewards” and are provided as “Unlock” types.

List of Update Rewards

  • Bronze – Bronze PUBG ID Emblem
  • Silver – Silver PUBG ID Emblem
  • Gold – Gold PUBG ID Emblem and Ranked Parachute Skin
  • Platinum – AnimatedPlatinum PUBG ID Emblem and Ranked Parachute Skin
  • Diamond – Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem and Ranked Parachute Skin
  • Master – AnimatedMaster PUBG ID Emblem, AnimatedMaster Nameplate, and Ranked Parachute Skin
  • Top 500 – Bonus rewards for Top 500 players: Unlockable Animated Top 500 Emblem and Unlockable Animated Top 500 Nameplate

Emergency Pickup

A new transport tool is being introduced to the game. The official description of the item reads “When the Emergency Pickup is deployed, a Fulton Balloon is released from its bag. When the Balloon is fully inflated and high up in the air, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds. During this time, up to a maximum of 4 players can attach themselves to the Fulton Balloon rope. Once that plane arrives, it catches the Balloon, hoists up the players, and makes its way towards the center of the Safe Zone.”

Once picked up the squad will be carried to the safezone until players decide to drop out & parachute down to battle ground down below. It is also suggested that the item will provide players more options whether they want to outrun the bluezone or evade from a fight. That said, be aware because once the balloon is deployed, nearby enemies will be alerted. Furthermore, the Emergency pickup is also heavy & takes up quite a lot of space in the backpack. So players are advised to plan their loot accordingly.

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Other Updates: PUBG: Patch update 11.1 released on April 8 at 9:30 IST- Check details

Further updates reveal that players can now earn ten new Battle Medals through various achievements on the battle ground. Survivors can now show off their achievements along with the revamped PUBG ID.

TDMs from now will be less ‘Sanhok focused’ & matches will take place across various battle grounds.

Additionally, adjustments will be made to the kill feed icon & added a log for the kill feed to check out previous results.

Lastly, seasons are getting shorter with season 11, from now on new seasons will drop every two months & Survivor Passes won’t necessarily follow any similar pattern.

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