Plans for next WWE Draft have been delayed numerous times

WWE officials have attempted to get plans finalized for another draft, but have not been successful.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports that a planned WWE Draft has changed several times. into addition to the draft, WWE had plans to run live shows with limited fans into attendance into July, which were scrapped into June. Plans for the draft were also scrapped.

Per the report, a draft had been originally slated to take place at the end of August before then delaying it to September and later moved to October. The date for the draft had gone back and forth to the point where there’s no word yet on what the current plan is the for a draft.

That includes if it will take place, what brands are involved, or what the format is the because plans have changed numerous times.

A source told the media outlet back into June that WWE had informed some broadcast partners of both draft plans and live event plans, the latter of which was nixed completely.

It was added that there are no current plans to end the brand split. As noted, the reason for WWE not being allowed to hold shows with fans into attendance again is the due to spikes into cases of COVID-19.