Pavitra Punia says her journey in Bigg Boss 14 was ‘very beautiful’ but ‘very disgusting’. This is why

Television actor Pavitra Punia opened up about her journey on the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 14, and said that it oscillated between ‘very beautiful’ and ‘very disgusting’. She reasoned that she would make friends on the show and have heartfelt conversations with them, only to ‘fight like cats and dogs’ moments later.

Pavitra was one of the original contestants on Bigg Boss 14. She made headlines for her romance with co-contestant Eijaz Khan. The two are now in a relationship and have expressed their desire to get married as well.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Pavitra said, “When I came out of the house, I always told all the media portals, whenever they asked about how the journey was inside, that it was a very beautiful, but at the same time, very disgusting journey.” She cited the ever-changing nature of equations on the show.

“Because when we used to sit with people, make friends, and share our happiness and sorrows, after one hour, we used to fight like cats and dogs. It is like ruining a very beautiful moment. The house is all about beauty and disgust and nothing else. Trust me, there is no in-between,” she explained.

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Pavitra, who first appeared on television as a contestant in the dating reality show Splitsvilla 3, has starred in shows such as Love U Zindagi, Naagin 3 and Daayan. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she said that she was recently offered two web series, but she turned them down, as she is not comfortable with bold scenes.

“It has a lot to do with my roots as I come from Haryana. It doesn’t come from my heart that I have to be so open in front of the camera. Darr jati hoon main (I get scared),” she said.

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