Paris Hilton is under fire for saying she is undergoing IVF so she can be sure to have boy/girl twins

Paris Hilton, who just got engaged, has been slammed for ‘insensitive’ comments about using IVF to make sure she gets boy/girl twins. Photo / Jerritt Clark / Getty Images.

Paris Hilton, who has just become engaged to boyfriend Carter Rerum has come under fire for stating that she is having IVF so that she can be sure to have “twins that are a boy and a girl”.

The 40-year-old heiress told the Trend Reporter podcast, that IVF, which is expensive and invasive, was something “women should do just to have, and then you can pick if you want boys or girls”.

Hilton told the podcast that Kim Kardashian had told her about using IVF to “pick twins if she liked”, and Kardashian had also introduced her to her doctor.

The Twitter critics were at the ready to slam the former reality-TV star for her “insensitive” comments.

“I wish her well on her journey so that she never has to realise how absolutely tone-deaf this is for anyone who has struggled with infertility and undergone IVF,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Since when did IVF become a way for the rich and privileged to choose their family palette? Absurd,” wrote another.

“Paris Hilton going through IVF just so she can have twins is ignorant and ridiculous,” a Twitter user angrily posted. “Also, clinically it’s just stupid. I can’t believe a reproductive endocrinologist would even treat her if that’s her reasoning”.

“IVF is a wonderful thing that helps childless couples achieve their dream – but it’s so hard on you mentally and physically,” one knowing Twitter user said. “Why would someone put themselves through it unnecessarily?”

Some Twitter users showed more sympathy toward Hilton, sharing that the stress and physical pain that IVF incurs deserves sympathy, no matter what the reason for seeking treatment.

US fertility columnist, Amy Klein, author of The Trying Game: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind, offered her own personal view on Hilton’s IVF revelation, sharing an opinion piece to Twitter with the caption: “Paris Hilton IVF controversy adds to shame and stigma of fertility treatments. Don’t pile on.”