Newsmax TV”s Diamond & Silk Compare Cuomo and Newsom To “Slave Masters”

Newsmax TV hosts Diamond and Silk (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) on their Saturday evening program compared New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California Gov. Gavin Newsom to “slave masters” because they implemented statewide coronavirus restrictions for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

“Why are we locking these states down here for a virus with a 99 percent recovery rate,” Hardaway stated. “And I’m sorry I’m glad that you mention the Democrat party, which to me is the party of slavery.”

Richardson then agreed with Hardaway.

“These two governors [Cuomo and Newsom] are acting like tyranny dictators; they’re acting like slave masters,” Hardaway continued. “See, back during the days of you had the slavemasters split people up, they would put the dark people in the field and the light people in the house.”

The duo concluded that the governors put coronavirus restrictions in place because they don’t want people to “figure out what’s going on,” hinting at a larger dubious scheme by the two Democratic state leaders.

The duo previously had a program on Fox Nation, but it was cancelled earlier this year. In August, the duo joined Newsmax TV and have since been vocal critics of their former employer, Fox News. (Fox Nation is owned by Fox News).

Watch above, via Newsmax TV.

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