Malaika Arora shares hilarious observation on pre and post-pandemic life

Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora has shared a witty observation about how life has changed since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in our lives.

Malaika Arora, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 last year, has made a witty observation about how life has changed after the pandemic. Malaika joked that now not only pets but even humans need to be vaccinated to be considered safe.

Malaika took to Instagram Stories to share her thoughts. “In the past when visitors came, I had to tell them, do not be afraid our dog is vaccinated. Now, I have to tell them, do not be afraid we have been vaccinated,” she wrote. In another post she wrote how she forgot to pull up her pants at a public restroom, all because of her hygiene-conscious mind.

Humans and pets have something in common now.
Malaika's post about life amid a pandemic.
Malaika’s post about life amid a pandemic.

“They are driving us mad with Corona… We have become crazy. I went to the bathroom at a restaurant. I opened the door with my elbow, I raised the toilet seat with my foot, I switched on the water faucet with a tissue, washed my hands, then opened the bathroom door to leave with my elbow and when I returned to my table I realized.. I forgot to pull up my pants,” she wrote.

Malaika, along with her boyfriend, actor Arjun Kapoor, had tested positive for the virus last year. She had to take a break from judging the reality TV dance show, India’s Best Dancer, with actor Nora Fatehi filling in during her absence.

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At the time, she was in isolation, she had written how she had to be socially distanced from her son, Arhaan. She had written: “Love knows no boundaries. With our social distancing and self quarantine in place, we still find a way to check on each other, see each other and talk. While my heart breaks to not be able to hug my two babies for another few days, just looking at their sweet faces gives me so much courage and energy to power through….”


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