LIVE @ 11 A.M.: Ryan Meili to make health care announcement in Saskatoon

NDP leader Ryan Meili will make a health care-related campaign announcement in Saskatoon at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

The event will be livestreamed on and

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe made a campaign announcement in Prince Albert on Saturday morning.

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At an event Friday, Meili said his party would remove PST from construction labour to involve more Saskatchewan businesses in infrastructure projects.

He also called on Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe to attend a youth debate next week.

Debate organizers announced the Saskatchewan Party is sending former Minister of the Environment Dustin Duncan to participate in Moe’s place.

Meanwhile in Saskatoon, Moe was back campaigning, but rather than announcing anything new, Moe instead detailed many of the commitments made by successive Sask. Party governments in infrastructure and business.

“We have invested in infrastructure,” said Moe. “More than $200 million of the new economic stimulus infrastructure funding is going directly into the community of Saskatoon. Much of that funding will be put to work tending to basic infrastructure needs of the municipality, such as paving, such as roadside safety projects and sidewalk rehabilitation.”

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