Leveling is complete, L&T is doing automated testing

– Trust started working on Ram Janmabhoomi Ramlala campus
– L&T doing self-testing for Pilar
– Temple work will start after Rudrabhishek

Ayodhya. Ram Nagar is a good news for the devotees who are dreaming of constructing a grand Ram temple in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex of Ayodhya. The process of temple construction has started, which is divided into several stages. The entire work plan of what will work in which phase is ready. Accordingly, the temple has to be constructed. In the first phase of construction of Ram temple, 70 acres of land was being leveled since April 20, which has been completed. Along with this, the barricading built in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex on the Ram Mandir Darshan Marg has been completely removed. Apart from this, L&T is doing the testing of self-testing. At the same time, the office of Ramjanmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust has also been opened, from where all the work of the officers will be done. The office was inaugurated by Vishwa Hindu Parishad Union Minister Rajendra Singh Pankaj with Vedic chants. However, no member of the trust was present during this period.

L&T is researching the foundations and digging the pit for the pillar. What is the utility of land? How is the land safe? For how many years can the temple remain here? Only after all these investigations will L&T start working on it. A team of 5-member engineers of L&T, the company authorized to construct the Ram temple, is also undertaking the testing of land in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. From this test, it is estimated at what level the above land is capable of carrying so much weight. After the completion of this test, a 50-member labor team of L&T will come, for which accommodation will be built in Ram Karsevak Puram. The land on which the workers’ accommodation will be built has also been inspected. After the trial of L&T, the work of laying the foundation for the construction of Ram temple will begin. A shed will be constructed to keep the carved stones of the Ram temple construction workshop in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. Not only this, the work of carving of stones will now be done in the newly constructed workshop in the campus itself. According to the workshop supervisor Annu Bhai Sompura, the stone work for the Ram temple will now be done in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex, but the foundation will be dug up first, this work will take 6 to 7 months.

Union Minister of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Rajendra Singh Pankaj told about the ongoing works in the campus that the leveling work has been completed. Now the construction work of the temple has to be started. Which is being prepared According to Rajendra Singh Pankaj, a center is required to do any major work. With this in view, the camp office has been opened. This is good for all of us. He informed that the work of leveling has been done for the construction of Ram temple. Companies have come for the construction of the temple, they are working according to all the time. The temple construction work will be started soon.

Temple work will start after Rudrabhishek
According to the information, during lockdown 5 itself, the foundation work will be done to prepare the foundation for the construction of Ram temple and after that the construction work will start. For this, the L&T workers team will reach Ayodhya in the second week of June. But before the commencement of the construction of the Ram Temple, the ancient Shiva temple established in Kubera Tila of the Ram Janmabhoomi complex called Shashank Shekhar Bhagwan will be worshiped, Rudrabhishek and rituals. According to Kamal Nayan Das, the successor of Nritya Gopal Das, President of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust and a member of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, the ritual will begin on June 10 and he himself will be involved in this ritual.

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