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How Cvent Helps Casinos Keep People in the Building

How Cvent Helps Casinos Keep People in the Building


Casino was Martin Scorsese’s second organized crime movie after Goodfellas. Like its predecessor, it is a gangster story set in the world of Las Vegas gambling. But unlike the tawdry and wildly entertaining Goodfellas, Casino is more of a tragedy, highlighting a man’s ego and delusion that makes him unable to see what’s really happening around him.

The casino industry has many strategies to keep people in the building and gambling. Besides a wide range of games, casinos use scented oils, bright lights, and joyful music to create a manufactured blissful experience. And when someone hits a jackpot, the whole room erupts in cheers. This false sense of possibility keeps players betting and spending.

Another way casinos keep people in the building is by making it difficult to leave. For example, bathrooms are not located conveniently outside of the gaming floor and require a long walk through past more opportunities to press your luck. In addition, a casino can encourage its audience to spend more by offering free food and drinks.

As competition for casinos increases, they need to think beyond the traditional gaming offerings to attract group business and increase revenue. To do this, they should focus on marketing their unique amenities and events to attract planners searching for group options in their area. Using Cvent’s Competitive Market Ads and Search Ads, they can ensure their location is top of mind when planners are searching for group destinations.