Gold shine from America to India, know how much the prices have become

  • Due to the impact of foreign markets, the gold price is getting more than 500 rupees.
  • Silver price in India is seeing a boom, flat level trading on foreign markets

new Delhi. Today, the gold and silver price in America (America), Britain and India (India) is seeing a boom. Gold and silver rate has been cheaper for two consecutive days. Because of which people have started shopping on behalf of coming in the price range. On the other hand, corona cases are increasing all over the world. At the same time, the economic figures of any country are frightening. In such a situation, investors are seeing a boom in gold and silver rate today. In the coming days, there may be a further rise in the silver price. Let us tell you how much the prices of gold and silver have become …

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Gold and silver boom in India
The prices of gold and silver are seen rising in the Indian futures market. Firstly, if you talk about gold, then at 7 pm, the price of gold is trading up by Rs 527 per ten gram, with a fall of Rs 46535 per ten gram. While gold opened marginally at Rs 46028 per ten grams this morning.

Talking about silver at the same time, after two days of decline, the price of silver is getting faster. In the Indian futures market, Khachandi is trading at Rs 48795 per kilogram, down by Rs 341 at 5 pm. While silver opened at Rs 48359 per kg this morning.

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Gold prices rise in foreign markets
On the other hand, the price of gold is seen increasing in the American, European and UK markets. First of all, in the US market Comex, gold is trading at $ 1716 an ons with a rise of $ 11. At the same time, the British and European markets are also seeing a boom. In London, gold is trading at 1357 pounds and 1515 euro per ons, with a gain of nearly 4 pounds and 3 euro in Europe. On the other hand, if we talk about silver, it is doing flat business in the markets of America, London and Europe.

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