“Excluded from decisions on free beaches”: mayors against the ISS

ANSA photo

Silvio Brusaferro, a beach, Antonio Decaro

“History repeats itself. Someone decides complicated rules without involving us and then releases the responsibility for their application to us mayors. This time it is the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, which entrusts us with the impossible task of enforcing the new rules on distancing on free beaches. Although it is known that we do not even have the resources to continue paying for essential services that we do not have decision-making power and that control rests with the police. ” This was stated by Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari and president of the ANCI.

“In short, – he underlines – they take away from us the power to decide but in return they give us the responsibility for the effectiveness of other people’s decisions. I just have to invite President Brusaferro to come with us mayors on the beaches. He will help us measure the meter and a half of distance between a deckchair and a beach towel, to check that the manufacturer of the sandcastle is at a regular distance from the racket player, to calculate the circumference within which each individual umbrella must be inscribed. Despite my engineering degree, I can already tell him that I will have a lot of difficulty controlling the many crowded beaches of my city which is spread over 42 kilometers of coastline. “
“Writing prescriptions is very simple. Trying to enforce them, on all the beaches of Italy, – concludes Decaro – is like emptying the sea with a bucket. Laundry”.