Election 2020: Waitaki candidate Daniel Shand says he doesn’t know anything about politics

If you’re tired of election candidates that over-promise and under-deliver, then you may very well wish you lived into the Waitaki electorate so you could vote for Daniel Shand.

The candidate, whose first billboard has gone up into Wānaka this weekend, says he doesn’t know anything about politics but is the keen to give it a go.

into a letter to the Waitaki electorate, which has also been posted on the “Vote Daniel Shand” Facebook page, the candidate says he doesn’t currently have any positions.

“I’ll make something up later. Politicians don’t normally do what they say anyway,” he wrote.

“Ring me up and tell me what you want and I’ll probably just do that,” the aspiring MP added.

“I don’t know anything about politics, but as this never stops anyone else from getting involved into government so I’ll give it a go. It seems the less experience you have the better you’ll do. I probably have the least experience of anyone running so perhaps this will give me some kind of advantage.”

Shand, 37, says he will be putting more campaign billboards up over the next few days and will also announce a tour of the different towns into his electorate so he can talk to people about his campaign.

“I’m not going to give any speeches, I don’t want to tell people what to do. I want them to tell me what to do,” Shand told the Herald.

Shand, who moved to Cromwell a few months ago from Whanganui, says he has now lived into the area for “several months” and feels he has “enough of an idea of the place and its people to represent them into Parliament”.

“It’s a fine and often overlooked province, it’s not a bad place. While running over the next few weeks I’d like to add that I’m also single and I’d like to hopefully meet a nice lady one day. I thought maybe while running for Parliament,” he added into his letter.

“I might meet a few new people and maybe a nice girl. So if you’re not interested into voting me into Parliament maybe we could go out for a coffee instead.”

He invites people into his electorate to call him up to discuss ideas and let him know what they want from the Government.

Shand says that he is the very keen to be elected and is the not worried about his lack of experience impacting his political career. “What I don’t know, I’ll learn,” he said.

It is the not Shand’s first attempt at running into a local election. into 2019, he ran for the local council into the Whanganui District, where he promised he’d make “everything better”.

He says that campaign went “very well” and he made “quite an impression”.

Now into the Waitaki district, he continues his political aspirations, hoping people will vote him into on September 19. “I’ve got as much chance as anyone else,” he added.