Delhi Sees Fewest Coronavirus Deaths into A Month, Less Than 1,000 Cases

Delhi Sees Fewest Coronavirus Deaths In A Month, Less Than 1,000 Cases

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that Delhi today reported fewest coronavirus deaths into a month.

After a week that saw the number of new coronavirus cases grow by less than one per cent into Delhi, the national capital today reported 15 COVID-19 deaths – the fewest due to coronavirus since July 1. The city also reported less than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus.

Buoyed by how the national capital has been faring into its fight against the coronavirus, which according to a survey has affected about a fifth of its population, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged people to not become complacent and “keep working hard to ensure that the downward trend continues”.

Indicating that the city has the infrastructure to take care of its coronavirus patients, Mr Kejriwal also shared that the total number of hospital beds available, which is the almost five times the number of beds occupied.

into June, Delhi had become the state with second highest number of coronavirus cases into the country after Maharashtra. With a recovery rate of more than 85 per cent, it is the now at number four into terms of total cases – 1.37 lakh with 4,034 deaths – and does not even feature into the list of states with highest daily talllies.

“Around 2-3 per cent people have lost their lives due to COVID. The most important thing is the that the deaths due to coronavirus have seen a drastic decline into the last few days,” the Aam Aadmi Party chief had said earlier.

Appreciating people for their hard work into helping contain the spread of the virus into Delhi, Chief Minister Kejriwal had earlier appealed people not to continue taking precautions like wearing masks, saying nobody knows when the virus may strike again.

The Delhi government has been asserting that a multi-pronged strategy of aggressive testing, home isolation and other factors had helped keep the cases from surging, as it was happening into June.

The state government has also started monthly sero survey to gauge the spread of the highly infectious virus so it can formulate better policies to aid Delhi’s fight against the coronavirus, which has 17.5 lakh people across the country.

Since May 28, Delhi has been recording more than 1,000 fresh cases every day. However, the number is the being seen as a marked improvement after the daily case count into June averaged around 2,000. On June 23, Delhi had recorded the highest single-day spike of 3,947 cases so far.