COVID: a grocery clerk empties his heart

A grocery clerk in Saguenay, exhausted and discouraged, chose to publicly denounce his working conditions, at the risk of losing his job.

“I am aware that it is a big risk that I take but I do it for all the other workers”, affirms Carl Tremblay, who asks only to be respected by his employer, but also by the customers.

The 50-year-old clerk has worked for more than 25 years in Saguenay food markets and has never felt as anxious as he does now.

He is campaigning for closure on Sundays.

“Please close Sundays,” he asks. You have to take a mobile leave or declare sick to succeed in having two days of leave in a row. It’s illogical. ”

And as of June 13, he will have to cross the bonus of two dollars an hour to which he is entitled since the beginning of the pandemic.

“It’s appreciated, but it would take us two more dollars a year,” assures Mr. Tremblay. Working with the public today is not easy. Several customers do not even respect the two meters. It would take security officers to explain the direction of the arrows to customers. And the cashiers, they have panels to protect them, but it is not uncommon to see customers go under to speak to the cashier. People have less and less respect. ”

Carl Tremblay is convinced that several food workers will recognize themselves in his testimony and dare to denounce.

At the Boucherie Lenoir and Leblanc in the Arvida sector, in Saguenay, the cry of the workers’ hearts was heard.

The owners made the decision last Friday to close their business for four days, to allow their seven exhausted employees to rest.

“We all said we were burned,” says co-owner Joël Leblanc. It’s going to give us a little health break. We try to please our employees and think about their health. ”

Since it opened seven years ago, the butcher’s shop has always been closed on Sundays and Mondays.

This business decision is highly appreciated by the employees.