Corona’s attack is more dangerous than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor attack- Donald Trump

The corona virus attack is even more dangerous than the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks. This is to say that of US President Donald Trump. Trump met with reporters at the White House on Wednesday after a meeting with nurses. On this occasion, he recalled many attacks on America so far.

Trump remembers 9/11 attacks in Pearl Harbor

US President Donald Trump said that there have been attacks on America even before this. Be it the attack on the World Trade Center or the Pearl Harbor attack. But there was never an attack like Corona virus. It is even more dangerous than 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attack. In response to a question from reporters, he called the corona virus an invisible enemy. He said that he does not know how to reach here. But it could be stopped. If not, then it is like fighting a war against an invisible enemy for us.

Corona virus attack worsened

Trump said that we fight a tough fight against the visible enemy. But the corona virus is an invisible enemy. We are doing good work at the moment. He praised the task force set up to combat the corona virus. Let us tell you that till Wednesday, the number of people who died in America due to Kovid-19 was 72 thousand while the number of victims has crossed 12 lakh. In 1941, there was a Japanese air raid at Pearl Harbor Naval Base. After which the United States had to fight in the Second World War, while about 3 thousand people were killed in the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.

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