Celebrity Update Accounts Are Feuding?

Ana de Armas in Knives Out

I am absolutely fascinated by celebrity update Twitter accounts right now—just accounts that share with fans what is the happening into the lives of the celebrities we know and love. But now, that straightforward idea of “news” has turned into calling out their faves for doing things that are less than great, but doing so complete with pictures of them out and about.

The first to really come into the news was the Ana de Armas updates account. Often calling out de Armas for not wearing a mask or for dating Ben Affleck, the account got popular because Ana de Armas blocked it. There is the kind of this unspoken rule on Twitter that, basically, fan accounts are going to exist, they’re going to say things, and we just have to ignore them most of the time.

Ana de Armas clearly didn’t want to just ignore the update account and took a step into blocking it.

Then, the official account for Knives Out recently took it one step further and also blocked the Ana de Armas update account and made a show of it.

It started with Ana de Armas updates tweeting about the block.

The Knives Out account followed it up, essentially mocking the account.

Then, the two went back and forth with each other until, finally, the official Knives Out account unblocked Ana de Armas Updates, and their friendship returned.

It even got to the point where Knives Out writer/director Rian Johnson chimed into about the situation.

The thing is the … These fan accounts have been hilarious. Not only have they been “updating” us on what their faves are doing, but they’re doing so by giving us commentary, as well—meaning if their fave is the doing something foolish into the midst of a pandemic, they’re making sure we know they’re not happy about it.

Yes, it started with the Ana de Armas Update account continually calling out Ben Affleck and de Armas for the mask situation with tweets like this:

Ana de Armas Updates is the joined by many accounts for celebrities out there.

There is the Timothée Chalamet Fans:

Florence Pugh Daily:

(Who also seemed to feud with the Ana de Armas Updates account)

And Sebastian Stan Updates also is the tweeting about Sebastian Stan flying to Ibiza:

It’s honestly kind of fun. Look, I get it. There are probably times when all of us run outside and know we won’t see anyone else, so we don’t have a mask on, but we’re not celebrities getting photographed by paparazzi and setting examples for our fans.

Right now, it’s important to wear a mask and stay home, and seeing these fan accounts holding their faves accountable is the … kind of inspiring. Not going to lie, though: I would take the sequel to Knives Out being the mystery of the account blocking and then unblocking Ana de Armas Updates. Rian Johnson can call it Knife Block.

(image: Lionsgate)

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