Campaign for Medicines on Medicines | Rakul Preet singh buying drugs video goes viral

Drugs to go to Medicines

Nowadays, people are more and more lying than ever before. The lie is rolling the world before it opens its eyes. The damage that needs to be done is happening. A recent event is mirroring this. The recent opening of liquor stores in AP. As the crowd gathered, barrels of liquor were lined up in front of the liquor shops. In the same vein, Telangana has opened liquor stores.

In the same vein, liquor stores across the country have opened, with the center offering some conditional flexibility. Nowhere else to look. The latest video of heroine Rakul Preet Singh’s roadside viral has been taken from a shop on a street in Bandra, Mumbai. False propaganda began as the heroine was carrying bottles of alcohol.

But if you look at the video, it is obvious that she is taking the medicine and syrup bottles she needs from the medical shop. However, the false propaganda started when Rakul bought the liquor from a local shop to get some people. Some netizens are upset over this false news. When this kind of news goes viral, it is exhausting to check and fact check.