Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Very First Episode?

New York, Brooklyn – Jake Peralta is a police detective. Even though he is one of the best in the department, and his detection rates are at the highest level, he has a reputation as a frivolous and eccentric employee. Also, Jake not being ashamed of his superiors can delight his colleagues by arranging unusual entertainment in the office. Besides him, the group of detectives includes Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Michael Hitchcock, Norman Scully and civilian administrator Gina Linetti.

Soon Captain Raymond Holt joins the squad. He puts his duties above all else and requires subordinates to unconditionally comply with all the rules of service. Now Holt has an equally difficult task, to try to re-educate Jake and teach him to respect his position.

Although on many occasions the pilot episode of any show is usually forgotten, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has one of the best pilots of a comedy show, with characters remaining near identical to this day.

But just how well do you remember that very first episode of the show? No question is off-limits here for the ultimate Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan! If you can ace this quiz, then you are VERY observant!

Answers at the end!

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