Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Nidhi Subbaiah targets Prashanth Sambargi for using ghee from kitchen; Faces backlash

Though Vaishnavi, Vishwa Haveri, and Arvind KP used ghee lavishly for their chappaties, Nidhi Subbaiah and other housemates blamed Prashanth for using ghee while cooking.

After the recent episode of Kannada Bigg Boss’ 8th season was aired, housemate Nidhi Subbaiah has been receiving a severe backlash from the show’s fans as she created a huge issue against co contestant Prashanth Sambargi for using ghee from the kitchen without taking the permission of those in charge of the kitchen department. Fans also criticised her for gossiping about other contestants regarding their performance in tasks.

The whole issue started after Vaishnavi, Vishwa Haveri and Arvind KP used ghee while having chappati. However, Nidhi blamed on Prashanth Sambargi and Shamanth for using ghee during cooking. Though Nidhi got the support of the other housemates, no one had a piece of evidence to prove her take. Later, Nidhi yelled and Prashanth and he also got was warned by captain Arvind and he was told not to use the kitchen when there was a cooking team in place. But the who thing did not go well with the fans and audience.

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Taking to social media, people expressed their frustration. They pointed out that Vaishnavi and Vishwa used ghee lavishly while Prashanth was unnecessarily blamed and cornered by the housemates. Other than Nidhi, Divya Suresh is also on the receiving end from a section of the audience for going out of her way to befriend KP Arvind. It is expected that host Kiccha Sudeep will address all the issues on the weekend episode and express his support to Prashanth.

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