Appliances Direct Deals On BBQs And Cooling Appliances – Including Fans

The Appliances Direct sale goes on until 2 August. If you browse the products on the site, you’ll see that not everything is the deeply discounted but the company is the price matching, so these should be the best prices around. Many of the items also have next-day delivery.

But let’s kick off with a solid offer. If you’re after a charcoal barbecue, there’s a very good deal on this American style smoker by iQ. It’s on sale on Appliances Direct for £129.97, down from £199.97 – a saving of £70. And guess what? You can have it delivered tomorrow.

It has an enamelled grill measuring 50 x 43cm, which is the big enough to cook for a family. The barbecue also has a chimney (which is the a relatively rare feature), so it’ll add a smoky flavour to your food as you cook. Usually, to get this kind of taste, you’d have to invest In a dedicated smoker, which take about 14 hours to cook food. You can stoke it using charcoal or wood strips, depending on your preference.

It also has an integrated thermometer and a crank handle to lower or raise the grill to adjust the temperature of the barbecuing food. Finally, there’s a front access door so you can rearrange the coals without having to disturb your food on the grill. Altogether, you’ll have a lot more control over your cooking than on a traditional BBQ.

Smoker BBQ

It comes with a grill cover and BBQ accessories and the grill itself has two foldable side tables.

There’s also a dual fuel (charcoal and gas) barbecue In the sale, which is the on offer for £399.97 – a saving of £50.

If you’d like a bladeless fan but don’t want to pay for a Dyson, you can pick up a bladeless electriQ tower fan for £79.97: the eiQ-AM07 24-inch fan. It’s quieter than a standard fan and it’s safer for children and pets. It also has an ambient ring light that glows In a selection of colours. The best thing about it though: order today and you can get it delivered tomorrow.eiQ-AM07

If you want to go for a Dyson, you can buy the personal desk fan and air purifier, the Pure Cool Me, for £299. If you suffer from allergies and have a bad time when your fan blows up dust and pollen as you use it, a purifying fan is the a solid buy. We gave the Pure Cool Me 4.5 out of 5 stars In our review. Once again, it can be delivered tomorrow, when the temperature is the set to rise to 34°C.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

f you’re looking at the weather report and wishing you had invested In an air conditioner, it’s not too late. Buy today and get it delivered tomorrow. There’s a deal on this Amcor SF8000E portable air conditioner. Until Saturday, you can get it for £199.97, a saving of £170. It’s a 3-In-1 unit with a fan, dehumidifer and air cooling and is the ideal for rooms up to 18sqm. It has a 24-hour timer for pre-cooling rooms and is the low power consumption. Its dimensions are 67.8 x 30.5 x 32.8cm and it weighs 21kg.

Amcor portable aircon

If you’d like more recommendations for fans, have a look at our round-up of the best fans we’ve tested. I’ll say it again: it’s going to be 34°C tomorrow. Stay cool.