America's Cup 2021: Behind the scenes of Team New Zealand's build of second boat


Emirates Team New Zealand build of their second boat Te Rehutai. Video / Emirates Team NZ

Team New Zealand have released a video showing the intense behind the scenes efforts from the design team to build their second America’s Cup boat.

Team NZ unveiled their second AC75 Te Rehutai last week, impressing onlookers with its concave design which was a distinct departure in shape from the first boat.

In the video, Team NZ construction manager Geoff Senior admitted there was a bit of pressure for the team to deliver the boat on time.

“For us, this is it,” Senior said. “This is sort of our mini America’s Cup within the campaign because if we don’t deliver this boat on time then we’ve failed.

“There’s a bit of pressure on us but we’re used to that and we know how important it is for the team to receive the boat on time. So it’s all the guns blazing from today onwards.”

Behind the scenes of Team NZ's second boat build. Photo / Emirates Team New Zealand
Behind the scenes of Team NZ’s second boat build. Photo / Emirates Team New Zealand

Senior said the work and detail that went into the boat was more than anything they’ve built before.

“Probably the biggest difference is just the attention to detail from stem to stern. The full length, every single part, has been designed and engineered to the nth degree. For every square metre, there’s so much more labour that goes into every single part than any other boat we’ve built before.”

Head of design Dan Bernasconi also spoke about the purpose behind the boat’s design.

“We’ve worked hard to produce a design which we think is going to be really the best of both worlds – be really strong at accelerating in light conditions and getting up of the water and also have really good aerodynamic performance in a straight line across the wind speed range.”

Watch the full video of Team NZ’s build of boat two above.

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