AEW Dynamite is drawing more viewers than WWE Raw, SmackDown and Impact Wrestling in the UK

Cody Rhodes posted a graphic on his Twitter account that touted AEW’s impressive numbers in the United Kingdom.

The graphic below lists the following:

– AEW Dynamite is beating the first-run broadcast of all its competitors in the UK for audience volume.

– Dynamite’s audience is over 5 times that of NXT, double that of Smackdown and almost double of Raw.

– It is almost double the audience of Impact Wrestling, which had been airing in the same time slot as Dynamite and also on a free-to-air channel.

– Dynamite benefits from reaching considerably more people than any of its competitors.

– Full episodes of Dynamite on ITV4 have reached 2.8m people, based on 5+ consecutive minutes of viewing.

– In its first year AEW programming on ITV channels reached 6.7m people, based on them having at least 5 consecutive minutes of viewing.

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