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The launch of RokzFast on the Internet to be a means of knowing the news first Powell, and represents a strong addition in the electronic space, and the launch of the site from Delhi from the heart of events to deal with the India revolutions and political problems and covers economic and sports activities and keep alongside of science and technology covers the news of the mirror and news of the world.

RokzFast is a news site that cares about India and international affairs. It includes several sections dealing with the visitor’s interests from India and international affairs to the news of Politics, Crime, Entertainment, Health, Science, Technology, economy, sports, culture and art.

Our goal as a news site is to spread the news objectively and individually around the clock.

Posting Policy

– The articles published on the site RokzFast express the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the site.

– The website administration apologizes in advance for publishing any material that expresses fanaticism or blind bias towards a class or religion or sect or harms them or leads to provoking tribal and sectarian differences and strife or harms religions and books and the heavenly divine or contains words and images and expressions contrary to morality and public morality, Or include any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence.

– The site administration apologizes for publishing any written or photocopied material in violation of the law.

– The management of the site does not commit to publish all the material received, and the timing and place of publication are subject to technical and technical considerations of its own.

– The administration of the site does not pay cash as compensation for the materials sent to it whether published or not published.

– The RokzFast Administration considers that the person requesting the publication of an article on the site has read and understood these terms.

Policy posting comments

Comments are available to visitors without the need to register under the following conditions:

– Comment should be on the published material only.

– Comments that include personal abuse, out of public morals and abuse of divine and divine religions, and all that includes any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence.

– The administration of the site has the right to delete or modify any comments that do not comply with the publishing policy.

– The published comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the site management.

Manage Site Editing:

Varun Kumar – Editor in Chief

Tarun Kumar – News Editor

Jacob Taylor – News Editor

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