6 Signs that you are an overthinker and how to break the cycle of OVERTHINKING

Overthinking can create a vicious cycle in our minds that is difficult to break apart from. It has a lasting effect on our mental and physical health that can get damaged if not looked after. Here are 6 early signs of overthinking and how to break the pattern.

The damages that overthinking has on our mental health are plenty. It will boggle your mind by just knowing how much overthinking can cause you mental hurt and imbalances in your body and mind. Overthinking can lead to severe emotional distress that not only comes in the way of performing your daily tasks but also hampers your productivity and physical wellbeing. 

Some people find out temporary solutions to escape the cycle of overthinking which can cause temporary relief but can have a harmful effect in the long run like resorting to drugs and alcohol. These are the unhealthy ways of coping with overthinking and escaping reality. 

Overthinking can disrupt your sleeping pattern, your eating habits by causing anxiety, it can make you slow and lazy. You tend to start procrastinating more and more and what’s worse is that you are caught in a chain of negative thoughts before you know it. This will start making your feel reluctant towards new beginnings, exciting projects, social gatherings and meeting someone new. 

Some of the early signs of overthinking can be as simple as being non-productive, procrastinating, day dreaming, acting lazy and lethargic.

You may have negative thoughts about an event that is yet to happen, replaying emotional traumas of the past in your mind over and over again. The tendency to overthink everything holds you back from being happy and positive. You start feeling more pessimistic about everything than optimistic.

If these are the feelings that you can relate to then you need to look out for these 6 ways to break the cycle of overthinking and start focusing more on the present.

Focus on finishing the task 

Rather than spending time procrastinating and thinking of multiple ways it could possibly wrong, focus on active problem solving. Do not keep dwelling on it as it will delay it. Think about the logistics of it and how it could go wrong later. Sit on it and act on it, that’s the only way to get it done and that is the only way you will get the motivation to move onto further tasks.

Find a distraction

Notice when your mind drifts away to random thoughts and channelise them towards something useful and productive. You could pick up a hobby or find a distraction like listening to music, cooking, dancing, singing, watching a tv show, writing, painting or joining an online yoga class. This way you will keep your mind active.

Take out time for introspection

It is always better to segregate time for self-reflection, introspection and analysation. Instead of dwelling in your thoughts all day long, you can simply schedule a time or spend 30 minutes of your day in self-reflection where you can think about your day or the week ahead. What goals you have in mind and what are you planning to achieve during the course of the next few days. 

Tackle negative thoughts and recognise them

When you start thinking negative, have the eagerness to recognise and channel this negativity elsewhere. Tackle your negative thoughts and flush it out of your system. Sometimes, you have to force your way out of it and be strong enough to tackle the negativity out of your system.

Focus on the present

Stop wasting time thinking about how this might play out in the future. There could be multiple different possibilities for a single scenario. It is a waste of time to overthink about the result. All you have to do is give your 100 percent, focus on the present and forget about the outcome. 

Practice mindful living

At times, it is important to unplug and unwind. Distress yourself from worldly pleasures, keep your distance from things that give you stress or create panic. Practice meditation from time to time and learn to be more present and in sync with your body. Shut off your laptop and go out for an evening stroll, surround yourself with nature and empty your mind.

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