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How to Attract Groups of Gamblers to Your Casino

How to Attract Groups of Gamblers to Your Casino

Casino is an unapologetically dark movie. Its characters are mired in avarice, violence, and treachery. Its main character is a crooked gambling mogul whose greed takes him down, but it isn’t the only one who gets his comeuppance. Even though it’s a story of greed and corruption, it shows that there is also a good side to Las Vegas. It has opulent hotel offerings, awe-inspiring entertainment options, and delicious restaurants. It’s no wonder that it is a magnet for gamblers from all walks of life.

The sunk cost fallacy is on full display at casinos, where patrons often follow big losses with even bigger bets in an attempt to win back their lost money. But the sting is somewhat cushioned by the fact that people are playing with chips rather than actual money. Many casinos also let patrons load cash onto a card that can be used in digital games, disassociating their gambling from spending real money.

Regardless of their reasons for visiting, all gamblers have something in common: they want to have a good time. This is why casinos serve up the booze nonstop, serving drinks at every table and in front of every slot machine. Heavy drinking lowers inhibitions and clouds judgment, making it easier for patrons to make bad decisions.

While demographics are useful, they don’t tell you everything about your audience. For example, a group of women in their 20s or 30s might visit your casino, but you don’t know why they came. They could be on a business trip, on a bachelorette party, or there for a family reunion. In order to attract these groups, your casino marketing needs to focus on events and group business.